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In 1998 Deka was the first company to launch a long pulse Nd: YAG (LP Nd:YAG) laser system for hair removal on the world market. Since then it has developed a complete and diversified line of products that use this laser source for a multitude of applications both in dermatology and cosmetic medicine. The use of a 1064 nm wavelength for treating vascular lesions of the face and legs, skin rejuvenation and hair removal, even in dark phototypes is now universally recognized and demonstrated by international scientific literature.

In 2001, Deka created the first pulsed light system with a patented technology called
µPL (U – shape Pulsed Light) which has subsequently developed in various models distributed and marketed all over the world as the Photosilk Plus and Photolight platforms. Deka’s pulsed light systems have a built-in power meter for verifying efficacious and correct operation of the handpieces at all times during the lamp’s lifecycle. Without this instrument, other pulsed light system producers can only guarantee the lamp flash but not the correct energy emitted.

Deka on the other hand, guarantees effective treatment for 60,000 shots as well as allowing for continued use of the handpiece beyond the guarantee period, thus enabling correct operation of the lamp whenever required, thanks to the built in power meter.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and ongoing research for innovative technology, Deka is now launching its new family of products. Synchro is a platform for avant-garde dermatology and cosmetic medicine on the world market of laser sources and pulsed light systems

Synchro is able to offer a module with a LP Nd: YAG laser source and six µPL pulsed light handpieces in one single product, making this a complete and versatile instrument for the modern medical centre. With its modern and innovative line, Synchro's ergonomic design is proof of the paintaking care that Deka has taken in developing this project right down to its finest detail.


The Synchro system is fast, safe and reliable. It allows for performing hair removal treatment on all skin phototypes. Various types of vascular lesions of different origin (telangiectasias, haemangiomas, erythosis, etc.) can be treated on the face, trunk and legs. The effectiveness of the 1064nm wavelength has recently been demonstrated in non-ablative treatment of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, and folliculitis.


Synchro with the LP Nd: YAG laser module comes with a wide range of interchangeable, quick-release handpieces with electronic spot recognition. Every spot size has been optimized thanks to the use of a specific handpiece which allows for ensuring a uniform “top hat” spot fluence, irrespective of the diameter selected. As an alternative to the traditional pedal control, the handpiece are fitted with a finger switch for controlling laser emission. The colour Touch Screen user-interface allows for intuitive management of the operating software that provides a step by step guide for selecting the most suitable clinical protocol pre-set in the system.



Thanks to the deep skin penetration of the 1064nm wavelength with minimum laser beam scattering in the tissues, Synchro with the LP Nd: YAG laser module is ideal for treating all skin phototypes, especially the darkest ones. The operating protocols in the system allow for ensuring treatment backed up by the constant know-how of the professionals who have validated and tested the same. Deka’s experience in creating long pulse Nd: YAG laser sources is the guarantee of Synchro’s reliability over time.

Apart from the LP Nd: YAG laser module, the Synchro system can also be fitted with an additional pulsed light handpiece. A wide range of products is available for meeting the needs of the most demanding clientele.

Deka is a leading producer of pulsed light systems. The exclusive patented µPL (U-shape Pulsed Light) system offers handpieces with unique features regarding the lamp lifecycle, the extent of the treatment area, user friendliness and compactness of the handpiece, plus energy transferal efficacy from the source to the biological tissues with minimized lateral scattering.

The Synchro system offers a choice of µPL handpieces with a selection of three different emission spectra, thus enhancing the versatility of photo rejuvenation and hair removal treatment, and also allowing for treatment of darker phototypes. Thanks to the two different surfaces of the handpieces (4.6 cm2 and 8.3 cm2) access is facilitated to all the body sites, further optimizing the system performance.


500 / 950 nm

46mm x 18 mm (8.3 cm2) 46mm x 10 mm (4.6 cm2)




500 / 950 nm

46mm x 18 mm (8.3 cm2) 46mm x 10 mm (4.6 cm2)




650 / 950 nm

46mm x 18 mm (8.3 cm2) 46mm x 10 mm (4.6 cm2)




The wavelengths emitted by the different laser sources (LP Nd: YAG and µPL) allow for treating a wide range of lesions of the face, trunk, and in particular, on the legs (telangiectasias, haemangiomas, erythrosis, etc…)



The deep heat action produced by the LP Nd: YAG and µPL sources induce a stimulation of the connective tissue, leading to an aesthetic improvement of the skin texture.


The use of the Synchro system with µPL handpieces allows for effective and rapid treatment of all pigmented lesions at an epidermal level.


With Synchro  it is possible to treat all skin phototypes and hairs of any size and colour (except white ones). In the configuration with LP Nd: YAG laser module, the high fluence, spot size and elevated repetition rate allow for carrying out every type of treatment quickly and easily. For patients with fair phototypes it is also possible to use a µPL source (maximum area 8.3 cm2) ensuring an even faster procedure especially indicated for larger areas (like legs, thighs, back, etc…).

Module Nd : YAG long pulse laser source
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse Energy 35 J (max)
Fluence 700 J/ cm2 (max.) {1100 J/cm2 (max) with optional handpiece with a 1.5 mm diameter}

Single pulse - 4 Hz (max)

Pulse length from 4ms to 135 ms
Spot diameter 1.5(optional), 2.5, 4,5(optional), 7, 10, Automatic spot recognition system
Electronic control Microprocessor
Laser emission control Foot switch and/or finger switch
Control panel Colour touch screen LCD
Beam guide Diode laser, 3mW@635nm
Power supply 230 Vac/10 A (max)- 115 Vac/20 A (max) / 50-60 Hz
Dimensins and weight 76 cm (H), 42 cm (L), 92 cm (W), 60 kg
Module µPL Handpiece
Emission spectrum

µPL 500-950 nm

µPL 550-950 nm

µPL 650-950 nm

Treatment area

46 mm x 18 mm (8.3 cm2)

46mm x 10 mm (4.6 cm2)

Pulse duration 10 - 325 ms
Repitition period 2 s (min)

up to 13 J/cm2 (8.3cm2)

up to 21 J/cm2 (4.6cm2)

Pulses guaranteed 60,000